The United Taste of French’s, Est. 1904

Bringing great flavour to the people for over 100 years. At French’s, we’re all about one thing. Great flavour. Because nothing brings family and friends together quite like a delicious meal made with the highest quality ingredients. From French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, invented in 1904, to the recent introduction of Classic Yellow Spicy and Sweet, our history is rich with delicious creations. Share that history with us and discover how the great taste of French’s continues to unite us all.

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George and Francis French, sons of R.T. French, introduce French’s Classic Yellow Mustard at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Served with hot dogs, it was love at first bite.

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French’s pennant becomes the brand’s official logo. A bright red banner waves over the land of good taste and the home of the hungry.

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French’s launches its first advertising campaign. Great flavour sells itself, but a dash of promotion is the ingredient for delicious success.

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Worcestershire Sauce dresses up in French’s red pennant. Tender meat, spiced-up sauces, flavourful stews. A second helping? We thought so.

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The famous recipe for French’s Green Bean Casserole is created by Dorcas Reilly. What’s Green Bean Casserole without the crispy crunch of French’s French Fried Onions? Make it for your family tonight!

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French’s individual squeeze packet is introduced. America’s Favourite mustard anytime, anywhere.


French’s Bold n’ Spicy makes an entrance. It’s flavour innovation with a kick.


Say bonjour to French’s Dijon Mustard. Made with Chardonnay wine and zero fillers or thickeners. Classy.


French’s packaging goes from glass to squeeze. Mustard goes where you want it. On your food or straight into your mouth.

The first Saturday in August is declared National Mustard Day. If you really needed an excuse to put mustard on everything, now you have one!


French Fried Onions finally gets to wear the red flag of French’s. Some remember them by the Durkee brand name, but the classic crunch and irresistible flavour are the same.


French’s becomes the sponsor of the National Mustard Museum. Mustard lovers, rejoice and plan your visit today!

French’s Honey is sweet, and never short on flavour Use it in one of these recipes and add some sweetness to your life.
Herbed Vegetable Panini
Sweet and Tangy Chicken Salad

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French’s becomes the official mustard of a famous New York baseball team and their stadium in the Bronx. Forget peanuts and Cracker Jack. All you need is a hot dog slathered with America’s Favourite mustard.


French’s debuts a new bottle shape with clean-cap technology and two new sizes. All the flavour, none of the mess.

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Happy 100th birthday to French’s Classic Yellow Mustard! Still 100% natural, zero calories, and gluten-free.


French’s French Fried Onions makes chicken extraordinary. Watch this video to learn how to make French’s Crunchy Onion Chicken for your family.

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The French’s flavour family welcomes Horseradish Mustard. The kick people love, now in a mustard.

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French’s introduces Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce. Don’t be shy - dunk right in!

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Introducing NEW French’s Classic Yellow Sweet and French's Classic Yellow Spicy Mustards. We’ve put a new twist on our 100 year old classic to bring you a Sweet new addition made with brown sugar and a Spicy yellow made with cayenne pepper, when you’re looking for a bit of a kick!

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